Second Generation TriCore BDM frame
A ecubay (CarPro), conhecida pelas suas soluções em hardware para reprogramação acaba de lançar uma nova frame para BDM. Desta feita aparece com uma solução com apenas uma haste rotativa que permite mover os conectores e pads para o lado, ganhando espaço para soldar ou picar um terminal.
Anúncio oficial (

News, differences and big improvements. Flexibility, friendly handling, carrying and good place adaptation.

What makes this tool different from other available tools? Why is this tool higher priced than some other available tools? Why should i decide to useSecond generation Tricore BDM Frame instead of cheaper tools? You will find all answers in the next 24 facts.

1. 360 degree rotation
2. non conductive anodized surface, ergonomically shaped elements for easy cleaning and carrying without sharp edges, surface of all elements precisely treated
3. very massive aluminium tool
4. one main axle design – stainless steel hard rods for perfect non sticky movement
5. long vertical and horizontal movement, lower minimum height point and higher maximum height end point
6. intelligent transforming positions (for adapter using, for soldering, for programming probes using, for making more room on desk, for taking less room in workshop and for transportation)
7. independent all direction movement: up-down, in-out, left-right rotation. Any movement can be undependable stopped/released – controlled; flexible usage
8. all movements covered with linear and radial bearings, total number of bearings: 5
9. carefully calculated left-right; up-down bearing and slider clearance (dead move) to compensate arm position without need to release screws for micro movements – user has more room for very fast handling
10. 360 degree plexi/deck rotation (plexi holder has 2 functions as holder and as tricore top deck)
11. strong massive 10mm plexi glass ergonomically shaped with useful curves – useful non sharp cut outs
12. 12v led light on compact 10mm plexi top deck – great illumination, better view
13. two pockets for programming probes and other tools
14. better shaped ergonomic arms, slim and very practical design
15. smoother running, precise movements, precise pointing
16. rubber legs for good grip to prevent scrolling
17. each product is carefully inspected and tested
18. “one arm” handling
19. right hand or left hand user friendly (user friendly screws position)
20. better handling and view on ecu, user friendly stop screws for perfect usage, positioning and fast work
21. supports classic and non classic adapter dimensions 6cm and 4cm adapters and also unlimited gadget possibilities
22. movement smoothness controlled by horizontal force by sliding on horizontal rotation stabiliser to maintain direction while vertical moved
23. vertical clearance adjustable with M3x3 screw
24. rubber schock and noise absorbers for silent and confortable usage
25. frame does not need paralel horisontal movement as frame is big enoung to put ecu left or right away from the centre of the plate, and if used non standard very big ecu, you can also connect it under the angle

1. Specification:


Main materials: Aluminium, Stainless steel
Size: 330mm X 270mm x 270mm
Colour: red and natural metal
Arm rotation: 360degrees
Package size: 400mmx400mmx350mm
Electrical conductivity: no – if surface not damaged
Thermal conductivity: yes
Surface: smooth matte red anodized and natural metal
MAX vertical movement of arms approx: 90mm
MAX vertical movement of plexi approx: 90mm
Horizontal movement: is rotation 360degree
MAX vertical dead move (clearance) shortest horizontal position: adjustable with 2 top screws M3x3
MAX vertical dead move (clearance) longest horizontal position: adjustable with 2 top screws M3x3
MAX horizontal dead move (Clarence) shortest horizontal position approx: adjustable with 4 black side screws – (Allen keys 1.5) M5x12
MAX horizontal dead move (Clarence) longest horizontal position approx: adjustable with 4 black side screws – (Allen keys 1.5) M5x12

2. Before fist usage:

Adjust the clearance by your choice (tool is already adjusted by our choice)

Horizontal clearance – 4 black screws with springs and ball


– Release all 4 black screws which are visible on the picture, that way you will get maximum clearance of 0.1mm between the slider and sliding cube
– locate arms vertically at the position on the half way of 10mm slider: not on the top or on the bottom but in the middle
– lock rotation and horizontal movement, arm should be pointed towards you and leave vertical movement free – do not lock it
– with precision screwdriver start to screw lover screws until you feel that screw touched the slider, unscrew and screw it several times that you get feeling when you touch the slider and do not screw it more – only touch. Do that also on other side lower screw and in meantime you try that vertical movement stays non sticky
– repeat same procedure at upper screws:


– do not reverse order as bottom screws have springs with 0.8kg force and upper 1.5kg force
– when you finish the adjustment you can leave it as it is and use it several times and if you like your adjustment just use one small drop of glue to be sure screw wont unscrew or make mark of your setting with pen.

Vertical clearance – 2 M3x3 Allen keys 1.5


– release horizontal movement
– release screws on bearings for horizontal movement – screws shown on picture
– Screw the screws like on the picture
– to adjust clearance: screw it in to remove clearance, screw it up to add clearance
– While removing clearance and screwing screw down check horizontal movement does not become to sticky

Frame is designed that way as even you leave maximum clearance, you can still slide on slider with using horizontal force on slider while rotation is locked.
And vertical clearance is always zero as horizontal movement is always locked while using arms.

For very complicated and precise connection put the arm as closer as possible towards axle – if possible push it to the cube:


For not very complicated and less precise connection you can put arm out to the maximum – away from axle:


If you adjust frame precisely it will be precise all the way.



As especificações não são muito diferentes das actuais e embora a utilização de apenas um braço seja útil no que diz respeito ao espaço acaba por obrigar a que a base da bancada não tenha pontos fixos, como acontecia com a anterior frame. Isto poderá ser uma desvantagem para as ligações BDM.

Outra desvantagem que já estava presente na anterior frame é o seu preço…. 490€ + iva!!

Mais informações:


Original chip tuning tools

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